Why would an advertiser use Google Search Network Advertising?

Running advertisements on the search network is one of the most common and oldest forms of online advertising. The Google Search network is a vast network of search-related websites where your ads can appear. While advertising on a Google search network, an advertiser can display his ad Google Search sites, Google Search partners. Summing up this will come to a vast network of advertising sites.

Benefits of using Google Search Network Ads

  • Targets the active user: This advertising format is useful because it targets an active searcher, a user who is genuinely searching for something on the go. In other words, the search display network gives advertisers the chance to show up their ads at the precise time when customers are at the moment searching for their products and services.

  • Useful for limited budgets: In case the client is restricted to a small budget, it’s always recommended to start off with a search network campaign. The format is ideal for driving in more conversions, making it easier to measure and analyse your PPC efforts. If a business wants to increase the market awareness of its brand comparatively, it will take a higher budget for it and not likely a better ROI. This is because typically search network ads have better conversion rates and this will justify its increase in the budget. Once you control spending a more considerable amount, you can then decide to utilise those funds in your search campaign or use it for display network advertising.

  • Ideal for emergency needs: If a product or search query is urgent in nature then having a search network campaign is recommended. A critical service may include a lot of things such as medicines, electricians and lots more. Let us understand that these are services of urgent and a user usually will not ideally see the advertisement on the display network and pay for it. Instead, they would prefer to use the google search service in times of emergency. In addition, searches that urgent in nature have a lot of benefits such as call extensions. Most likely these searches will be invoked on mobile devices. Hence if you a business that provides emergency services, advertising your ads on the search network would be recommended.

By Savio