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Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads
August 29, 2018 Shekhar Vaidya

Why use a Gmail Ad?

Popularity and Mobile First Index
Globally, the Gmail App has a large user base. The Average person spends ample of time checking their work emails, hence running Gmail ads is a better way to target potential customers. With the Mobile First Index, in Place and Gmail being a mobile-compatible app, running Gmail Ads is undoubtedly a boon for your business.

Good for Branding and Promotion
Having a large user base and being visible repeatedly to visitors, running Gmail Ads is beneficial for businesses targeting branding. Also, a Gmail Ad has the advantage of tuning itself in line with the customer needs, giving companies more freedom to promote itself well.
Lots of Targeting Options
One of the key benefits of running a Gmail Ad Campaign, is it’s targeting. When running Gmail campaigns, you will be able to target users based on their interests more specifically. For instance, targeting In-market or Affinity audiences of Google

Better Click Through Rates with Well Composed Subject Lines
In Email marketing, a user has the liberty to compose beautiful subjective lines. Having the ability to choose the right subject line painstakingly will, in turn, be an investment in giving better click-through rates, thus in providing a better ROI.

Benefits of running Gmail Ad Campaigns

Businesses find it Affordable
Lots of Search Engine Marketing portal reports suggest that are more clicks reported on running a Gmail campaign. With increased impressions, comes lower CPC’s helping businesses save money. Also, with the ability to make the subject-line more relevant, companies can improve Gmail click-through rates.

Better targeting apart from Remarketing
Apart from using re marketing which is one of the most powerful tools used for business branding and promotion, Gmail Ad Campaigns have the option to target people at the keyword level. Keyword targeting can be done for the brand terms; this will help you reach out to people who already in your sales funnel.