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Google Display- Network

Google Display- Network
August 20, 2018 Shekhar Vaidya

The Value of an Advertiser advertising on the Google Display Network

The Google display network is used by lots of advertisers to reach out to a countless number of websites and applications across different categories. This will include large, medium and small niche sites and audiences. To put it in simple words Google Display network gives you the added benefit of placing your advertisement on website niches and viewers across a lot of sites.

Benefits of running a Display Network Campaign

  • Help you brand the service: Leveraging the coverage facility of Google Display Network, many advertisers use it to promote their brand. Since the Google Display Network is incredibly expansive, there are a lot of opportunities for advertisers to tweak in their network and audiences with the customisation options available. With the targeting options in place, an advertiser has the freedom to select specific sites or group websites based on audience preferences. With all these benefits at your disposal, you can quickly get people familiarise with your brand.


  • Use the service for Remarketing: – To sell your product you need to give consumers a thorough conviction, ensuring that your brand stays on top of their mind to strengthen the prospects of making a purchase. Remarketing helps you achieve this, this strategy allows you to show ads to visitors who have visited the websites in the past, promoting them to visit again and make a purchase.


  • Appealing Advertisements: The Google display network allows you to make ads in different appealing formats, this can be alluring to the eye. Since the display network largely relies on distraction it’s always helpful to have an appealing product to promote.

Summing up these are the reasons why an advertiser would use the Google Display Network

  • Branding: One of the top benefits of Display advertising. Simply by being visible on the web one can improve the trust and knowledge of your brand. Bottomline, your goal of branding the product using all the marketing activities can be achieved easily using display marketing


  • Creating an urge to buy: With the variety of ad formats and targeting available one can create the urge to buy the product using display marketing. People can be influenced with the appealing ads they see across the niche websites they browse. The Google Display Network with great exposure and visibility lets an advertiser do this.


  • Specific targeting: A big Bonus offered by Google Display Network, an advertiser has the freedom to combine and mix options offered by Google Display Network. By Having these, the advertisers get the benefit of advertising appealing ads over selective websites and a well-defined audience.