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Hello, we are iDEAS Unlimited Digital... and we love what we do! to optimize to strategize to analyze to conceptualize to revolutionize to materialize


iDEAS Unlimited, the brainchild of Shekhar Vaidya was established in 2006. The website developers at sapnagroup saw a constant need to optimise their websites for search engines and invited Shekhar to join in. This partnership has helped sapnagroup keep up with the growing necessity for digital marketing and search engine optimization.

sapnagroup is an internet company which was established in April 2002 . It has grown from a team of 3 to over 40 employees spread across Europe and India with more than 150 clients based in the UK.

Sixthfactor is a group of senior like-minded individuals with extensive experience in market research in the MENA region, aiming to redefine the way consumer information is collected and used for executive decision making. Sixthfactor has been mentoring iDEAS Unlimited since 2015 and in collaboration with them, have been working on several projects in the middle east.

Since then iDEAS Unlimited in collaboration with sapnagroup, has been supplying digital marketing services, perceiving SEO strategies and generating huge numbers of unique visitors for client websites in UK, Germany and UAE.

The team

Highly motivated full-time members have been employed with extensive SEO and communication skills. They are Adwords and marketing experts, with profound knowledge about Google analytics and the works. They are flexible, easy to work with and most of all sympathetic to YOUR business needs!

If you do not have any in-house technical support, we can make this really convenient. Being in partnership with sapnagroup we have a team of highly qualified programmers and website developers to our advantage.

What you can expect –

  • You will get a higher quality of service for best rates in the market.
  • No individual keyword pricing and no hidden costs.
  • You will always be aware of what we are doing and what you are paying for.
  • Straight forward communication to tell you what we can and what we can’t do for you, no false promises!

In Collaboration with…

Seasoned Professionals: over a decade of experience

With profound experience as a digital marketing agency. We use our knowledge and expertise in helping your business achieve your goals.

Consumer-centric approach: offering goal-oriented consultation

We are feasible in dealing with our consumers. Our services are focussed on achieving business goals. In all the consultations we do we find an amicable solution as possible.

High standards of reporting: actionable insights and recommendations

Our business reports are clearly understandable and point out business specific areas of improvement. Rely on our business reports.

Tailor-made packages: individualistic propositions to fit any budget

We offer different packages that can be tailored to fit the client’s budget. We’ll discuss with you the packages we offer, and you can choose one.

Unlimited Communication: Available through emails, skype, phone calls and WhatsApp

We can be contacted on the go. We ensure that the task at hand is done adequately and communication is well on time. We utilize all the available communication mechanisms to keep you informed.

Certified Google Partners: Experts in PPC & Google strategies

We are Google certified PPC experts and have professional experience dealing in applying the latest and suitable Google strategies for your business.

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