Google Page 1 Strategy

Search engine optimisation that gets 70-100 hot leads per month for 60+ Clients.

We are giving niche business owners a fighting chance to increase their online sales

We Will Help You Generate Potential Leads That Will…

✓ Know Your Brand: They know your brand over your competitors, which automatically makes you a winner.

✓ Believe In Your Services: Leads that will trust your business and products/services enough to start making a transaction.

✓ Convert Without Hesitation: Leads who are eager for you to sell them your services or products without a doubt.

How ‘PAGE ONE STRATEGY’ will help you rank at the top in Google Search and
steal all the hot leads from your competitors WITHOUT spending on multiple paid channels.

Imagine having 70 to 100 leads that convert each month that come only from Google Search
because your website ranks on Page 1 of Google!
Being on Page 1 of Google is equivalent to being the BEST in the area “psychologically.”
As a result, after discovering your brand, consumers start to trust it and eventually purchase it.

Book a Call with us, to receive a no-obligation consultation with a Free SEO Kit worth $600/-


✓ (Worth $150) Free Comprehensive Audit and Review of website and brand presence:

Get a detailed review and audit of your website which will help identify the pain points of your business and how we can improve it to help rank your website on Page 1 of Google.

✓ (Worth $300) Free Keyword Ranking and Current Status:

Analyse what position you currently hold in Google’s Search Engine and if you are already ranking for your priority keywords .

✓ (Worth $150) Free Tailor-made strategy unique for your business:

If you qualify for our page 1 offer, you'll get a custom monthly plan that will show you the exact steps that your business will use to get to the top of Google, including a week-by-week breakdown of all the tasks that need to be completed.

Get your website on Page-1,
starting at just $999*/month

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    What is SEO

    In essence, SEO is optimising a website’s content so that it appears on Google’s first page TOP results when users search for the most pertinent “keywords” related to your content.

    It can seem easy to achieve that. But if that were the case, wouldn’t everyone be listed on page one?
    Only when SEO is done correctly by professionals is it like having hundreds of eager customers come into your store EVERY DAY! 

    Versus simply 4 or 5 individuals that accidentally find your website.

    So, which situation will assist your firm expand more, in your opinion?
    That highlights the significance of having your website included on Google’s main page.

    Still wondering, if you need SEO?
    Consider all the various terms a user might search for and all the many ways he might use them to find your business. And how many of those terms does your website show up for on the first page of Google search engine?
    There is a good likelihood that clients who search for your goods and services on Google already intend to buy.

    There is very little chance that customers will find and purchase from you if your website is trapped on page 3.

    Being on Google’s first page will enhance brand awareness and make it simpler for potential buyers to go through to your website.

    This indicates that you can anticipate more leads and sales

    Utilize our proven strategy that has helped clients triple their revenue.

    Our SEO staff puts time and effort into maintaining each client’s website’s top performance through ongoing optimization. To rank on the first page, we mix various widely used SEO techniques with our exclusive Page-1 Strategies which rivals are unaware of. 

    It speeds up a website’s rating at the top of the page by strategically backlinking to optimise off-page SEO. We handle everything for you so you may focus more on other areas of your business WITHOUT being concerned about finding new leads.

    Rank On Page #1 starting from $999* Only

    What you can expect in first 6 months:

    • 100+ Keywords with Page #1 rankings

    • 80+% increase in traffic 

    • 30% increase in leads / sales 

    Start your SEO journey with us

    However, this package is not for everyone!

    We work towards helping scaling businesses to 6 figures each month and we work with only such large organisation that meet the following criteria

    • Businesses that have been running for minimum 4 years
    • Businesses that want to get more online visitors through Google search engine
    • Businesses that have a dedicated in-house point of contact to provide us with monthly feedback
    • Businesses that have a budget for website improvements
    • Businesses who understand the importance of SEO and digital marketing
    • Businesses who may have tried SEO /  Digital Agencies in the past but were not satisfied
    • Businesses who want a long term relationship as SEO demands a long term commitment from client and agency.
    • Businesses looking for a team of experts that provide an array of SEO services.

    This package is NOT meant for

    • Businesses looking for a quick fix SEO
    • Businesses looking for immediate results
    • Businesses looking for short term burst of guaranteed leads/sales
    • Businesses looking for numerical guarantees
    • Businesses looking for free-lancers and solo SEO specialists

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    SEO is a long term strategy. You will begin to find your website on 1st page for local long-tail phrases within 3 months. But it would take atleast 6 months to see an increase in search engine visitor traffic.

    We provide a wide range of SEO services like Local SEO, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO. Technical SEO, Social Media Optimisation, User experience optimisation, Reputation Management and a lot more. We will help you understand your requirements and provide a holistic approach to your package.

    No matter what the niche, SEO will help you website gain visibilty in search engines. Some websites a tad slower than the niches. Let’s discuss this over a call. 

    • 50% of the monthly charges will be invoiced as an advance at the beginning of the month. The balance of 50% will be invoiced at the end of the activity month.
    • The invoiced amount will have to be wired in USD to our account in India. The invoiced amount should be paid within one week from when the invoice is sent to the client.  The client bears all bank transfer charges.
    • The above cost is subject to a commitment for a minimum period of one year. After the first year, the client can stop our services with a notice period of one month. 


    After reading the material above,
    I am confident that my company qualifies for the PAGE 1 Strategy package.