Free Website For Yoga Instructors – June 21, 2022

To create awareness and promote International Yoga Day, we are giving away websites with Zero development charges only for yoga instructors and holistic wellness entrepreneurs.

Yoga has become a most popular form of physical and spiritual exercise, and as a result, the number of people practising yoga has increased. A website is an excellent way for yoga instructors and holistic wellness entrepreneurs to promote their business and connect with potential customers. It is also a perfect way to raise awareness of International Yoga Day and encourage healthy living. A website can also help you showcase your services, inform potential customers about your products, and provide information about your background and qualifications. It’s a perfect way to build your reputation and credibility and also helps to increase your online presence.

Already Have a thriving social media page? Don’t need a website?

Social media is a minefield of frauds and untrustworthy companies that disappear with your money. A professional-looking website reassures visitors and gives businesses a chance to show their history, expertise, credentials and trustworthiness.

Social media accounts are buried in search results. For example, search for a local service that your small business provides; chances are, the first ten results of the first page will be filled with websites rather than social media profiles. And it is easy to find these profiles on social media platforms, but they do not grant themselves to being found by search engines. This means social-only businesses are missing out on around 40,000 searches every second, just from Google.

Pair your website with your social media pages for the best results.

Yoga instructors and holistic wellness entrepreneurs have an increased need for websites to promote their businesses.

✔ Business websites are the top point of contact for customers, so having one that looks professional and is easy to navigate is crucial to getting more clients.

✔ As a yoga instructor, you have a unique skill set that can help people improve their health and wellness, so it is essential that your clients can find you online and connect with you.

✔ Websites also serve as a platform to share your expertise and build a reputation, which benefits small businesses that don’t have much money to spend on marketing.

✔ It’ll help build your brand, increase your online presence, and help build a web presence that will help people find you.

✔ You’ll also be able to add new content whenever you want, so you can keep your website up to date and provide information about workshops, events, courses, and other things you offer.

✔ You’ll also be able to share your background, philosophy, and other information with prospective students, allowing you to build relationships and a community.

WIX One Page Templates

Choose from a wide variety of designs that speaks volumes about your brand.

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    • Introduction
    • Unique selling points or propositions
    • About you
    • Team section (optional)
    • Contact section
    • FAQs (optional)
    • Testimonials
    • Privacy Policy link
    • Terms and Conditions link

    Conditions applied

  • Offer ends on 24th June 2022.
  • Zero development charges apply to only 1 pager websites.
  • This offer is applicable to only first 3 yoga instructors and holistic wellness entrepreneurs that approach us.
  • You will still need to invest $16 for WIX hosting each month.
  • If you don’t already have a domain name, you will need to buy a domain from WIX. (Sometimes Wix offers free domains too. Reach out to us to find out more about this).
  • You will need to send us your business content and images as per requirement. And we will source the rest of the images from stock photos.
  • Any additional requirements that do not fall under the offer policies, will be quoted for and implemented only after receiving approval on any additional charges.