Google Adwords Releases Benchmarks for Your Industry

Whether you’ve worked on PPC for the first time or your just in the phase of taking projects, you may be uncertain whether you’re doing a good job or not. We all surely want to fare better in making better ads with good click-through rates and most importantly better conversion rates.

Wordstream conducted a research by checking on what Google Adwords reveal about the benchmark standards for different types of industries and these are the findings:

Having a compelling Ad might help your business improve click-through rates, but an optimized landing page is a factor that influences conversions.

Here is a checklist about the aspects you need to consider before finalizing a landing page.

The Landing Page Form

  1. Include few essential fields: When asking for information try to only include all the essential fields such email, name, or message.
  2. Mention Guarantees or Assurances if possible: Follow no questions asked refund policy on all the purchases. This will help reduce the uncertainty of the user and will boost sales.
  3. Use tangible verbs on your call to actions: When the testing different call to actions uses tangible verbs such as “Book Now”, “Grab this chance”, this will spur the user to initiate action.

About the landing page

  1. Use Testimonials: Including trust factors such as testimonials or certifications is a social improve and will help users gain confidence about your product. Include these factors on product landing pages as well as email opt-in landing pages.
  2. Clearly State the Benefits of your Product or Service: Listing the features of your product or services in necessary but it’s important to mention about the benefits customer would get by particularly availing your product or service.
  3. Choose a Strong Headline: The Headline of the landing page is perhaps the most important aspect of all. Ensure you choose a strong headline after 10 different possibilities that it conveys a strong selling point to your customers.
  4. Keep all your conversion elements above the page fold: Opt-in boxes and other conversion elements should be above the fold for optimal results.
  5. Reduce Distractions: Keep it straightforward and precise, avoid trying to offer too many options that might confuse the visitor and draw him away from doing any call to action(s).

About the call to actions(CTA)

  1. Include strong Call to Actions(CTA’s): Into Every Content that included on the landing page, let visitors know what you want them to do next whether it is to click a button, read a blog post and mention your email address.
  2. Test variations of your CTA Elements: The “Buy Now” or “Order Now” button might get you different results depending upon its position ,color and size. Test different variations to choose the one that performs the best.
  3. Use CTA Buttons instead of Links: With the rise of mobile searches, it is best to include CTA buttons as opposed to links since they are more readable & clickable.
  4. A headshot near CTA: Don’t be afraid to include a personal photo in your sidebar or near your CTAs. It can reduce the sense of risk by showing that there’s a real person behind the brand

About the visitors

  1. State to your visitors what they’re going to achieve: Provide visitors everything they need to know about your product in a simple and precise language. You can include the features, benefits and also the uses/applications of the product or service.
  2. Include a clear value proposition: Tell potential buyers the specific benefits they are going to get through your product or service. How different it is from others? Anything unique about your product or service.
  3. Give your visitors the clear purpose: While creating a landing page avoid using distracting elements such as navigation bar, popups others trivial CTA’s . Your landing page must be focused on one specific action.
  4. Keep your visitors interested and engrossed: Use sentiments and content involving emotions with amazing testimonials, storytelling to lure the visitors to buy your product or service.