In an average year, Google makes about 500 changes to its search engine algorithms. Some examples of major algorithm changes that led to many websites getting penalized are:

Google Panda was designed to push down sites that are overly optimized, offer “thin” content and/or operate as content farms,

With Google Penguin, Google is cracking down on a common black hat SEO practice: abusing links to gain search engine rankings. If you paid for links from lots of dubious, low-quality link directories, link exchanges and other sites, you may have felt the Penguin slap.


Hit by a Google Penalty?

These penalties will have an adverse effect on your rankings, traffic and sales. . Your website can lose rankings for certain keywords, your whole websites rankings could be penalised or your website could be totally de-indexed by Google.

If you’ve had one of these notifications then you have been penalised by Google. These penalties are usually the results of poor low quality link building work carried out by your previous or existing SEO Company.
You need to analyse each and every one of your external links and decide whether or not the link is harmful or not and then remove the harmful ones by emailing the website owner. If you can’t get the harmful links removed then you have to ‘disavow’ them through Google’s Webmaster Tools. You can do this yourself or you can employ us to do this for you.

Your next step
If you suspect that you have been penalized:

  1. We’ll investigate your situation and diagnose what may have caused “drop in traffic”, “drastic drop in rankings” etc. There could be many different reasons other than a Google penalty. SO will ensure we get to the root cause of the problem.
  2.  if its a Google penalty, We’ll aim to remove all your bad (spam) negative links and we’ll then analyse each and every link one by one and deal with it accordingly using our knowledge and expertise and leave behind only what we think is a natural link.
  3. Once we have explored all opportunities for removing bad links; we’ll resubmit your website to Google using a ‘reconsideration request’ (in case of a manual penalty) or just resubmit XML sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools after disavowing any that we can’t get removed.
  4. Next we need to Constantly monitor traffic and over all website performance to see improvement if any.
  5. Recovery could take months.This could be from 1 to 3 months. We have found recently that a manual penalty revoke can take anywhere between 3 – 6 attempts at disavow.