It’s 2018 and writing content for seo has surely changed. Over the years writing for seo has evolved. Here we share some of the tips to write content for SEO in 2018.

Answering to the searcher’s query matter the most.
Search engines have gotten better, Google particularly. Search engines have been smarter at solving the searcher’s task, hence writing to satisfy the user’s need is the best way to go about it.

Intent Matching instead of Keyword Matching
Gone are the days when we used to target keywords by simply using the keyword match type technique. It’s all about figuring out the searcher’s intent. It’s best to use a combination of keywords that have the same search intent.

Be selective in framing your headlines
The Title element and the body content are two crucial elements when it comes to basic SEO writing. While dealing with these elements it’s not always the case that you can’t rank without the keywords mentioned on it. One could use a combination of clickbaity headlines and a mix of keywords.

User experience and the content matters the most
A lot of research has suggested that writing engaging and readable content keeps users stuck on the site. Hence for seo writing it’s advisable to write content that makes the user pleasant and more affirmative.