Google AMP reporting in Search Console Analytics report gets more granular
Google’s Search Analytics report will now show you how your AMP pages are performing in the rich...
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Thirteen things marketers want to know about expanded text ads, direct from Google
AdWords released expanded text ads in late July. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson answers some FAQs...
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Google adds forecasting and trend data for existing keywords in Keyword Planner
    Select existing keywords (or campaigns) to see how bid scaling could affect performance....
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Google launches new AMP testing tool
Check out the new AMP testing tool in the Google Search Console. It combines AMP and structured data...
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WordPress adds “advanced” SEO tools, and it’ll make you smile
Need a reminder that a lot of business owners are still in need of basic SEO?’s “advanced”...
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Effective Ways to Improve Site Quality and Rankings
Most Effective Ways to Improve Site Quality and Rankings Quality and relevance are different things,...
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Mobile Text Ads - ad creativity
There are two options for advertisers looking to implement device-specific ad copy and associated tests....
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Google announces cut down of search advertisements and analytics updates at SMX East
Google announces slew of search ads and Analytics updates at SMX East   New audience targeting solutions,...
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Free and Simple SEO Tools to Instantly Enhance Digital Marketing
10 Simple and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Digital Marketing   24 Free and Easy...
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Link Bombs - What Is a Google Bomb?
Definition: A Google bomb occurs when a group of people conspire to artificially elevate a website...
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