Google Shopping Ads: Why One Must Use Them?

In case you are retailer chances are that you’ll have lots of inventory to manage them. In such a situation it becomes quite tedious to run individual ads on campaigns for your business. In case you run a Google shopping campaign, you can promote your business online and manage your local inventory, boost traffic to your website and get better strong leads.

To get started with, you’ll need to send us your product data with Google merchant centre and create a campaign in Google ads. (Don’t worry we’ll get you through this). We’ll then use your campaign data to craft the best Google shopping ads placed around the web and seen by potential buyers.

With a Google Shopping Ad, a user gets a strong sense of the product a buyer is trying to sell which will, in turn, result in more qualified leads. This is one of the main advantages of Google Shopping Ads.

Here are the key benefits of Google Shopping Ads:

  • Right on the Top of your Search Results With Google Shopping Ads, a businessperson can ensure that his ad will appear above the organic search results, hence giving him the benefit of better visibility. Another advantage is that the products are displayed based on the shopper’s keywords thus helping to bring in more prospective customers.

  • Product Specific Google shopping lets you fill in specific details of your product. By providing Google, your complete product inventory, you can structure your campaigns by-products, groups and categories giving you better control over your budget.

  • Google Shopping Ads will comparatively perform better than Google text ads With better visibility, structured data and accurate product descriptions retailers across different sectors are more likely to invest in Google Shopping Ads. This will, in turn, give better click-through-rates thus improving the ROI. Having a better ROI is always a plus point when it comes to a business and more important in the field of marketing and advertising.

  • The advantage of Broader Reach With a Google Shopping Campaign, an ad can appear more frequently for a single user query. This will in turn push on more conviction to act on the product.

  • Better Qualified Leads With better visibility, product-specific information, broader reach and shopper specific advertisements, Google Shopping Ads have better-qualified leads. Shoppers are interested in making visually attractive, information-rich ads, which visitors learn from thus increasing their intent of purchase.

  • Helpful in case you have a huge inventory In case you have a lot of products in your business, building a structured AdWords campaign will be a formidable task. Google Shopping Ads will simple generate the ads from the data you supply to it, from your business end you need to ensure that the product titles, attributes and the descriptions are accurate.

  • Automatically Updated Once you’ve set up the product feed, your Google shopping Campaign will update the inventory every night. This will ensure that you’re not bidding on products that you no longer sell or are out of stock.

  • By Savio