Websites built using Wix is a good suit for small businesses, blog as well as personal sites.

SEO Benefits are as follows:-

Built-in SEO Functionality: By default, there are some useful SEO plugins and widgets useful for better search engine optimisation.

Better connectivity to Google Analytics, Google Search Console: – Connecting to Google analytics as well as Google Search console is comparatively faster and easy in Wix.

Mobile Friendly: By Default, Wix Websites are mobile friendly giving them a further boost in Search Engine Optimization. Good Speed and Uptime: Sites are comparatively faster to load which is a useful metric for search engine optimisation.

SSL Encryption: Having a Secured Socket layer is a good practice for search engine optimisation. The latest Google algorithms have been demoting websites without SSL. Wix has an added advantage on this.

Benefits of using Wix Website Design

Massive collection of designer templates:- Wix offers a vast collection of designer templates that easy to replace with text & photos.

Innovative Drag and Drop Website Builder: – Wix is way head compared to other CMS platforms regarding features. At your disposal you have the worlds best designers making features for your website. Immediate Help and Support Available: In case you get stuck you can always contact the support team. They’re available 24/7 for your service.

No need for technical expertise: A user need not be technically savvy to create a Wix website. The editor is easy to use, simple drag and drop method. Also, one can choose from a wide variety of professionally designed templates available or built a site from scratch.

No costs involved: Wix is free to use. The Editor has been designed in such a manner that anyone with a computer can have the opportunity to build the website. Otherwise, the website would involve lots of money in case the site is designed using a professional programmer.

Easy to get started: Wix offers simple learning guides that help the user better understand the platform. One can right away choose templates and begin creating the site. Lots of templates and features available: Wix offers lots of templates covering a variety of subjects. One can also personalise the template with special features available. In addition to a wide variety of templates and features available, Wix has an app market with lots of apps that you can add to the site and take your site to the next level.

By Savio