Use Social Media Marketing to help enhance your brand awareness

Social Media is one of the best resource available for your visitors to understand your brand. Increasingly companies worldwide use social media as one of their main internet marketing strategy. With the help of social media, a brand can portray its voice on the web. Using the right social media platform and putting across the right information can help companies improve their brand awareness. As a Social Media Agency in Dubai, we ensure we adhere to the right social media channel, use their features to our advantage and post rich content. At iDEAS Unlimited Digital, our team of social media experts have hands-on experience in using the best strategies and content required to promote your brand on social media.

Implementing the right Social Media strategy for your brand

Creating interesting & engaging content for each social media channel alone wouldn’t suffice. Each social media channel be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn will have an updated strategy as per their content. As experienced social media experts in Dubai, initially, we analyse the services of your brand & finalize with the right social media plan. We try to understand your market audience, where they do spend their maximum time on, what keeps them hooked on to your brand, how do they interact with your brand. After learning about these key social media metrics, we then map it to the brand social media guidelines. Guidelines will include the type of content to be posted, how frequent one should post and guidelines alike.

For any type of social media content to work, we need to frame it in the right context. We dig deeper into these with our team of graphic designers, storytellers. We use this to our advantage and create compelling, high-quality content that will connect well with your followers.

For your brand in Dubai, we provide you with the following social media marketing services

• Facebook Advertising
• Instagram Marketing
• Twitter Advertising
• YouTube Marketing

Strategies related to marketing

• Content Marketing Strategy
• Editorial Content
• Creative Content
• Ideation
• Promotion & Distribution
• Measurement

By Savio