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Having your company website can surely be an advantage as far as PPC services are concerned. Availing Google Adwords services from our team of certified can help you further boost your online sales and brand reach better than organic optimisation methods.

Explaining PPC in simple words, It’s a form of advertising that lets companies post advertisements on Google partnered networks and other search partnered networks for a cost. It’s a form of paid advertising that will reach your customers quickly and economically. To chalk out a PPC strategy, we need a holistic approach to understand your business, your target market and the customer behaviour. Thus, after conducting extensive market research, we choose the best PPC campaign strategy to help your business achieve goals and generate leads cost effectively.

We help your business achieve better ROI through our effective PPC services

We adhere to the below PPC Practices that have worked well for our clients

• We formulate PPC strategies that are on par with the business goals. Every business will have its own needs & goals. We do not compromise on this.
• We are transparent in our efforts.You’ll have an idea on how we go about maintaining our PPC campaigns. We discuss where your costs have incurred excessively, where you could invest in more, our strategies and plans for better ROI.
• Better Google Quality Scores.Our team of certified AdWords professional work on creating the best Google Ads possible with the right mix of relevant quality keywords. Achieving better Google Quality scores will reward us with better ad ranks and lower costs.
• Better Reporting We set up conversion tracking that will help us report on essential business actions such as calls, newsletter signups, product purchases. We send your business a detailed monthly report on all our PPC activities.
• Focused on ROI At Ideas Unlimited, our expert Adwords professionals ensure that your campaigns stay on budget, run high-quality ads, bring in quality leads in real time. Thus, helping your business reap higher returns on investment.

By Savio