Guide to Google Search Console

“Google Webmaster tools has now changed to Google Search Console..” Sources: GWT Search Console is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you first understand what’s going on with your website. This way you make decisions based off of data instead of going in blindly. Here is how GWT Search […]

Google Callout extension

What is Google Callout extension You can add callouts when you create your campaign by editing your descriptive text, and see how ads that contain callouts perform in the Ad extensions tab. Note that Callouts appear in ads only at the top and bottom of Google search results. Keep in mind that your ads won’t […]

Google authorship officially discontinued

Good Bye Google authorship – Google authorship officially discontinued Last month Google has officially dropped authorship bylines from within the search results. In addition, Google will stop tracking content written by authors as tied by the author’s authorship profile. Google launched authorship back in June 2011 and later that month, Google began […]

Hit by a Google Penalty?

In an average year, Google makes about 500 changes to its search engine algorithms. Some examples of major algorithm changes that led to many websites getting penalized are: Google Panda was designed to push down sites that are overly optimized, offer “thin” content and/or operate as content farms, With Google Penguin, Google […]